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    Since its establishment in 2002, Hebei Desike Hoisting Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been praised and affirmed by all sectors of society based on the service concept of "professionalism, concentration and concentration".

    The company seeks development by quality, innovation in development, and highlights scientific, humanized design, and exquisite hand-made. As a result, it is in a leading position in the automation equipment industry.

    In the face of the fiercely competitive market, in the journey of "strengthening the encirclement, exploring the survival and development", with our keen observation and indomitable spirit, we have worked hard, actively explored, and accumulated a lot of experience, for the future in the complex and changeable. The wider and wider market environment provides a strong guarantee.

    The company's products and services include: vertical parting boxless molding automatic line and sand processing system, static pressure molding automatic line and sand processing system, resin sand, water glass sand and other self-hardening sand casting production lines, molding line automatic casting machines, casting (spraying) ) Pill cleaning equipment and casting post-processing production line, casting dust removal equipment, core making equipment, undertake the design and manufacture of non-standard casting equipment and the production of various castings, and provide overall solutions for casting projects and intelligent services for the product aftermarket. We can undertake turnkey projects for newly built or renovated and expanded foundry factories, from the planning and design of factories and workshops to the selection, manufacturing and process services of various industrial equipment, and directly produce qualified products.

    Along the way, we will have more challenges and opportunities to face. We cherish you all the way, and our overall development is inseparable from your care and support. Because of your understanding and support, we go further. We will overcome all obstacles, ride the wind and waves, and have been on the road to the future without a single step. They know that the future is better, and there are no bounds for the diligent traveler!

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